• 10 degree down angle on output shaft to provide a proper engine-marine gearbox group installation on planing or semi-displacement type hulls
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Clutches and gears properly constructed to transmit the full power, with the same ratio, both in forward and reverse running
  • Hydraulically operated, multiple-disc clutches
  • SAE housings no. 3, 4 and BW are available


  • 11.5" CFDS coupling (Yanmar)
  • 11.5" Dual stage coupling (Centa CFDS30)
  • BW bell housing (H=13.5 mm) (H=30 mm)
  • Cable bracket
  • Heat exchanger kit
  • Propeller shaft flange
  • SAE 3 (Caterpillar)

    SAE 3 (Yanmar)

    SAE 3 bell housing (H=12.5 mm) (H=33 mm)

    SAE 4 bell housing (H=12.5 mm) (H=33 mm)

  • Trolling valve kit-field adaptation
  • Trolling valve-factory fitted