• input couplings 18"/21" dual spring rate type / 18"/21" single spring rate type / 18"/21" flexible/torsional type for f. S.
  • companion flange/bolt set for non propeller shaft brake applications
  • mechanical selector valve
  • metric design
  • oilpressure/oil temperature gauge fifted with contacts for high oil temperature alarm
  • oil strainer and oil filter assemblies


  • 12v or 24v electric selector valve
  • companion flange bolt for shaft brake
  • electric motor/pump for lubrification windmilling propeller mode of operation
  • heat exchanger oil thermostatic bypass valve
  • live sae 'c' 2/4 bolt pump mounted pto - rated 112 kw
  • brackets for rigid mounting applications
  • monitoring system components for unattended machinery space requirements