The large marine gears NICO manufacture include some that weigh 100 tons and can transmit 25,000kW of power, and they design gears for optimum load transmission. This large gear is machined on the latest high-precision gear grinder, and they check the required tooth forms while the gear is still on the grinder, as it is machined. For spiral bevel gears, they use Klingelnberg-type equal-height gears with super-hard finishing, cut with a CBN cutter developed by Klingelnberg of Germany. These gears are used in their final reduction gears and reduction gears for vertical shaft propulsion systems. The gears have characteristics that ensure the ideal tooth contact during meshing, and they are machined with high precision, to achieve low levels of noise and vibration. They can design and produce gears of this kind for direct meshing at peripheral speeds of 60m/sec. The gears are the key component of the gearbox, and they are researching them for further improvements

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